Panya House Style In White Tone

Panya house design is very popular nowadays. It is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways through which you can impress your guests. Panya house design is a kind of one-storey house layout. Therefore, if you go with proper design, you can easily achieve an attractive layout. It is something where art meets modular building design. We at MyhomeMyzone know how you can make your Panya house attractive. This is why we have added some attractive Panya house design ideas here. So, you must check these out.

Give Your Panya House A Silver Colour Hip And Valley Roof

Well, achieving an attractive design for your Panya house is not as easy as it sounds. But, with this idea, you can do it easily. Yes, you have read it right. You can pair your house with a silver colour hip and valley roof. It will give your house a classic Panya look. In addition to this, you can have a short back and a wide front. Talking about the material, you can go with a wooden terrace. Well, in the front, you can have a sitting area where you can spend some quality time. The freshness of nature will add an extra layer of tranquillity. Apart from these, you can enhance the overall look of your Panya house by having some outdoor plants. In the front sitting area, you can also have some philodendron plants. In the front, you can have some cactus plants. On one side, the silver-colored hip and valley roof will give your one-storey house a contemporary look. On the other hand, you can have a natural ambiance inside the house. In short, it will be an impressive combination.

Install Front Glass Door And Glass Windows To Make The Panya House Design More Attractive

Well, the silver-colored hip and valley roof will give your Panya house design a contemporary look. But, you can give it a modern touch with this idea. Yes, you can glass door in the front and along with this, you can also have glass windows installed in your house. You can give the glasses a light green tone so that it will look like you are living in the lap of nature when you turn the lights on. If we talk about the entrance, you can have some attractive wall-paintings on the front wall. Thus, you can impress your guests.

Pair The Bedroom With Modular Double Beds And Kitchen With The Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Talking about the design of the Panya house, you can have 3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 1 outside terrace, 1 prayer room, and 1 kitchen. You can have modern double beds in the bedroom and along with this, you can have a wooden wardrobe. Talking about the kitchen, you can pair it with a modern kitchen cabinet with a white kitchen countertop over it. You can make the floor classy by having white glossy tiles over it. Sandstone in the front wall will give the house an elevated look.

So, these are some attractive Panya house design ideas. If you want more, have a look at the following images:

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