Top Beautiful Purple Bedroom Designs for Purple Color Lovers

You are going to find the top 10 most beautiful purple bedroom design ideas for purple color lovers in this article.

In spite of having various attractive colors, why you should go for purple?

Well, purple is capable of stimulating strong emotions in the core of our hearts.

Either you have an extreme love for it or you have a deep hatred for it. Although purple is used in children’s bedrooms, most people do not use it for decorating their master bedroom.

Moreover, purple is considered a color for females. However, it all depends upon an individual’s mindset.

You might be surprised to know that purple is a strong color that is capable of infusing your mind with love, refreshment and positivity.

Therefore, if you are devoted to purple, it would be a great idea to give your bedroom a purple look.

It does not matter whether you are going to use it as a whole or as an accent, continue reading this article to know more about purple bedroom designs.

Deep Purple Wall For Bedroom

Most people play safely by giving the wall of their bedrooms a light purple shade.

But, you might be shocked to know that deep and rich purple bedroom wall along with white and bright blue can give your bedroom a purely contemporary look.

Most people believe that a dark wall is suitable for brightly-lit rooms but, it is completely wrong. The beauty of the dark wall does not rely on the intensity of light and so, it goes very well with brightly-lit bedrooms.

A Fluffy White Carpet Would Be An Attractive Addition

The fluffy white carpet goes with all kinds of color combinations but, when you have purple, it must be your first choice.

Purple does not suit the ground and therefore, you can make a wooden floor for your purple bedroom. Wooden floor, fluffy white carpet on top of it and rich purple bedroom walls can you imagine?

Well, you can convert this idealistic beauty into realistic by implementing these purple bedroom designs in your master bedroom.

Purple and White Bedroom Design

Purple can enrich your mind with love and affection whereas white can give you a fresh look. But, purple and white bedroom design can give you an unforgettable look.

Therefore, we have come up with this idea. Earlier, we have said purple does not look good on the floor and so, a wooden texture on the floor will be great. But, on top of it, you can place short fluffy purple mats and along with it, you can make the ceiling completely white.

As a result, you will see the freshness of white mixed with the hue of purple when you open your eyes in the morning.

Balanced Lighting

When it comes to lighting, a balanced set up would be a great option. You can go for recessed lighting to give your bedroom a luxurious look and along with it, you can go for a chandelier to bring a royal ambiance in your bedroom. You can also install sconces beside your bed for exaggeration.

So, these are some ideas that you can try to give your purple bedroom an elevated look.

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New home bedroom design idea
New home bedroom design idea
Royal purple bedroom with fabric finish
Royal purple bedroom with fabric finish (Image Credit)
Purple bedroom ideas for teens
Purple bedroom ideas for teens (Image Credit)
Purple and blue bedroom
Purple and blue bedroom (Image Credit)
Purple wallpaper bedroom ideas
Purple wallpaper bedroom ideas (Image Credit)
Purple-themed bedroom interior design idea
Purple-themed bedroom interior design idea (Image Credit)
purple and pink bedroom
Purple and pink bedroom (Image Credit)
Purple nursery
Purple nursery (Image Credit)
black and purple bedroom ideas
Black and purple bedroom ideas (Image Credit)
Luxurious Purple bedroom
Luxurious Purple bedroom (Image Source)

Did you like these designs? Hope you did!

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