Reasons why cats are the best pets

There are probably a million misconceptions about owning a cat. Well, they come with their fair share of flaws but they’re definitely not vicious and devious as most people believe.  If you’ve been on a crossroad wondering if you should get one, check out the following reasons why cats are the best pets;

  1. Cats bathe themselves

One of the most appealing reasons why cats are awesome is their ability to bathe themselves. No, they don’t do the actual showering and nail clipping but they can keep most of their bodies neat. Cats also appreciate a clean eating and sleeping spot.

Cats are also pretty easy to litter train and they keep their box tidy by burring their feces – this means you deal will less odor in your house plus ‘accidents’ are almost non-existence.

That said you should consider a regular grooming schedule for a full glam of your cat pet. This includes; ear cleaning, teeth brushing, nail clipping and a bath once in a while.

  • A cat will keep your house rodent-free

Thanks to their exploring nature, they’ll squeeze their flexible bodies in tiny places and possible hideouts for rodents. This is one of the main reasons why cats are the best pets. In addition to being a furry friend that you can pet and cuddle with, they’ll go the extra mile of keeping your home rodent-free.

  • Cats are great with kids

Not infants though. As much as these creatures are adorable, among the facts about cats is that they can scratch or nip out of impulse. For this reason, don’t leave your infant with a cat without supervision.

In spite of that, cat’s agility plus athletic energy makes them a perfect pick for kids – 4 years and above.

  • Cats are independent and low maintenance

Unlike dogs, cats enjoy their own company – you can leave your cat at home the whole day (with all the necessary supplies, of course) and never have to worry about a sad face waiting by your door.

Cats need very little attention, they’re independent, and they top the list of the less needy pets on the planet.

They are less involving – they can do great with exercise but you don’t need to take them out for an hour of walking. They can stretch, run around the house, and get just enough exercise to keep their bodies healthy without supervision! 

A cat is also relatively small and this means they take up less space in your home.

  • They offer the best companionship 

Having a cat as a pet is like having a personal cuddling buddy. Unlike the common misconception that cats are selfish, they get rather attached to their owners and are pretty friendly even with strangers.

Even if they don’t act like it, cats are actually very caring creatures and if you handle them right, they go straight from a house pet to a family member.

Plus, they enjoy a longer lifespan (of up to 12 years) compared to other pets which means you’ll enjoy each other’s company for longer.

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