Simple Beautiful House Plan With Three Bedrooms

Not every house has to be big and fat to make us feel comfortable. Considering the cost of building or buying a house is skyrocketing we always need to consider the alternatives or cheaper variants for our future house. In this post we are going to analyse a simple and cheap design of a house consisting of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one large area consisting of the living room, dining room and the kitchen and a large garage.

By looking at the schematics and the design photos we can see that the house is incredibly smartly build to use the space provided in the best way possible. The layout is smartly divided into three peaces which serve the following purposes:

  • The sleeping area
  • The active area
  • The storage and garage

The sleeping area is the upper part of the schematics. It consists of the three bedrooms this house has and two bathrooms that divide the master bedroom and the rest which can be used rather for the kids of for different visitors of the house. A nice addition of this part are the windows that are present in every place (even the bathrooms) which can provide natural light from the sun, a clear view of the outdoor area and ventilation. Putting the toilets in the middle of the area is not only to separate the guest and kids room from the master bedroom but also to be accessed with ease by the living area.

Moving on to the open space living area reveals us the smart design of this house. From the living area you can see basically every place in the right side of the building thanks to the large number of windows. The main entrance has a small porch which can be decorated by different kinds of decorative plants such as flowers or small trees . The laundry area is smartly divided from the rest of the living area leaving the kitchen, dining and living room to be merged and keeping the dirty work away. Having those three merged creates a large possibility and a variety of options when it comes to decorating the place. You can create nice contrasts with the three parts of the room resulting into a beautiful transition from an area to another. The living area can be accessed by the front porch and an entrance from the back of the house in the laundry room.

The storage and garage is an important part of the house considering the limited number of parking spaces today. The garage area is designed to solve your parking problems by providing enough room to park two cars, which today is a big commodity for the reason that a considerable number of households has more than one car. The garage is as wide as the house which provides enough room to store stuff and different tools. From the schematics and the design photos we can see that the area is open but the plan can be changed to close it if the client wants a little bit more security.

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Simple Yet Gorgeous House Plan Concept Spectacular Modern House With Interior Views


    • Reginah William
    • December 10, 2021

    Stunning house designs. How can I get one?

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