Simple House Plan For 143 Square Meters

This house concept is simple in design yet the touch of elegance is still in it. With 3 bedrooms, this house is 143 square meters total floor area. The minimum lot requirement is 15.5 meters by 20 meters (310 square meters total lot area). This means that the allowance or setback on each side is 1.5 meters, front is 3 meters and back at 2 meters. Color scheme for this house is combination of cream walls and grey color apron walls at the elevated level. Maroon color for accent walls with linings and for the columns. The roof design is a hip roof with grey metal type long span roofing. Simple yet gorgeous elevated house concept defines the designers outlook. With his diverse idea, this concept has been made. Going into details with the floor plan, we will be discussing the different parts of this house. First of all, we have a 2 meters by 5.4 meters porch elevated in 5 steps including the landing or the porch floor itself. This is a great area to stand by or relax before going to the living room. Living room is 4 meters by 5.4 meters (21.6 square meters) with aluminum sliding door for most of the wall. Master’s bedroom which is 4.5 meters by 4 meters is provided with attached bathroom. Also as you can see in the plan, a 2 meter width patio is surrounding the kitchen area, a place for relaxation and a place for many other uses.


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