Simple Three-bedroom Bungalow House Plan

When it comes to building your house the bungalow design style is becoming more and more popular and used by the house builders and owners. Most of the people take into consideration the benefits that come with the use of such design and style. They are cheaper to build and maintain than the conventional houses. In this post we are going to analyse a simple one story house consisting of : Three bedrooms, kitchen, living and dining room.

Having three bedrooms is a commodity these days and this plan can surely provide it. Some decisions had to be made in order to make space for the three bedrooms. The layout design is disoriented by placing two bedrooms on the left side and one on the right side. The master bedroom has the commodity of having it’s own bathroom leaving the other bedrooms sharing the other toilet. The master bedroom has the most space compared with the rest which makes it a little bit special. One of the other bedrooms is actually quite small which tells us it could be kids room. The other one may be guest bedroom. 

The living room is designed to be spacious and without borders with the dining room which allows plenty of free space to decorate with different decorative plants, flowers or vases. It can be accessed easily from every part of the house starting from the laundry room on the top right corner to the main entrance on the bottom right corner. In addition there is a great view of the outdoor area thanks to the three small column-windows and the big glass door in the entrance. It doesn’t only allow the natural light to go through but also provides a nice view of the outdoor area and provides enough ventilation for the whole house. The kitchen is shifted a little further in this design which sets it on top. It can be accessed from the corridor in the middle with ease.

The outdoor area is always a great addition to a house and it doesn’t make an exception for this one. Having lots of windows and easy access to the outdoor area make you more and more connected with that part of the home and the way you design and decorate this place can actually make a difference on how you spend your time on the house. Having some outdoor furniture can turn it into the most comfortable and relaxing part of the house. That place is loved by the children too and if you make a little investment you can turn it into the kid’s dream place. Having great view of the outdoor area can even make the parents feel safer about their kids or they can join them by making a grill with family and friends. Having some outdoor lighting can be the perfect way to expose your house and of course to provide light in the evening. We recommend installing some ground lamps for the best look or wall-mounted ones for the best price.

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    • ghin
    • June 3, 2020

    I like to have the floor plan and rough estimate of this house.. I love it. thank u

    • Jayson
    • June 9, 2020

    Hello can you please email me the floor plan and full details of this simple three over room bungalow? Thank you

    • Narelle Fernandez
    • June 25, 2020

    Hi. Can you please email the size of this house. Thank you and the floor plan also.

    • Bruce
    • August 10, 2020

    Hi, Please share on mail the simple 3 bedroom design

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