Simple Three Bedroom Bungalow House Plan

In this post we are going to present a simple three bedroom house plan following the cool style of Bungalow.

Good Bedroom Bungalow Plan

You can construct this house in a minimal space consisting of 10 meters retaining 1.5 meters setback on each side. In fact, in total the requirement to build this house would sum up to at the very least 167 square meters of space area.

The outer side of this house consists of nicely olive colored painting that goes really well with the decorative plants. Moreover, these can surround the whole building. And the reddish tiles that go really well with the wooden door and the stones that cover a small part of the front wall. The windows are wide and provide a natural lighting to the house during the day. In fact, it is even thought that some decorative plants could be put in the front door which is a very nice touch. It follows the bungalow style design.

Attractive Plans For House

Taking a closer look at the schematics tells us that. In reality, this house consists of three bedrooms which the three of them share two full bathrooms. You can make decision to save some space and to provide easy access on them from basically every place of the house. Moreover, as we can see that you can divide the kitchen into two parts to hide the dirty part from the view of the whole area.

The kitchen has enough space and is designed to look as its one part with the dining room. Which is really near and the living area. In fact, this is a smart decision to make the whole room look like bigger. And behave like an open space. Therefore, you can equip the house with lots of windows which provide a great view from inside and allow the natural light to go through. In addition having a small porch can add a lot of comfort. It can allow you to spend some time to relax outside.

Impressive House Design

The living room is 10. 5 square meters which is more than enough considering the open area created, the dining room is 10. 9 square meters which can be comfortable for a small family and kitchen is 7. 8 square meters.

The outdoor area can always server a good function to store stuff or for the kids to play on . In reality, you can use it to make grills or to host some small parties. With the help of some outdoor furniture you can turn the outdoor area in a nice place to enjoy the summer nights. You can decorate the whole area with various decorative plants. It can be well lit using some outdoor wall mounted lamps. Or if you want the “ultimate” you can install some ground lamps.

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