Simple Three Bedroom Bungalow House Plan

In this post we will share for you a simple three bedroom bungalow house plan.

This is a bungalow house design with total floor area of 82.0 square meters. This concept can be built in a lot with minimum lot frontage with of 10 meters maintaining 1.5 meters setback on both side. With the present layout, the setback at the back is 2 meters and front at 3 meters thereby requiring at least 167 square meter lot area.

Simple hip roof, grey colored walls and combination of brick wall and white color on the left side, aluminum frame windows and long span pre-painted roofing are the exterior features of this 3-bedroom bungalow house design.

Going into details with the floor plan below. The small porch at the front will welcome you, with small plant box and covered by concrete roof slab. Opening the main entrance door will lead you to the living room which opens until the dining area. The living room is 10.5 square meters, dining is  10.9 square meters and kitchen is 7.8 square meters. Kitchen next to the dining opens to the rear part of the house which is the service area that will serve as dirty kitchen and laundry area. The setback at the back is 2 meters which can be utilized for many other purposes.

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