Single-storey House Plan, 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 97 sq.m (20 images)

Characteristics of a one-story house elevated design wide rectangular shape. The roof is gable in dark gray tones. Decorate the exterior surface with white tones. inserted with details of woodwork cream sandstone brick and black steel battens

One-story House complete with: -Living Area -Dining Area -4 Bedrooms -2 Toilet & Bathroom -Kitchen -Laundry -Porch -Outdoor Seating, Dining and Garden -Lot size: 25 by 14 meters Disclaimer: -The cost does not include the furniture, cabinetry, outdoor seating & garden. -The cost only covers the overall structure of the house, windows, roof, etc. -The mentioned estimated house cost in the video used materials and prices in the Philippines. The house costs can change greatly depending on the location of construction. The house design aims only to give you ideas for your future home.

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