Single Storey House Plan With Friendly Architecture

In this post we are going to treat and analyse a single story house with friendly architecture. The house is overall cheap to build and consists of simple and friendly design that is becoming more and more popular these days. This house consists of two bedrooms, one kitchen and laundry room , living and dining room and a bathroom. In addition to that the house plan has lots of outdoor space which can serve different purposes which we are going to explain.

The single storey house plan is divided into two parts, the bedroom area in the left and the living and cooking area on the right. Starting from the left side of the house we can see that the master bedroom and the other one which can be kids or guest bedroom. Both bedrooms have big windows which not only provide natural light and ventilation but also provide a view from the front and the back respectively. The bathroom is smartly placed not only to be easily accessed from the two bedrooms which both share it but from the rest of the house too. The left part of the house can be easily accessed from the outdoor area too because of the close position of the main entrance.

By analyzing the schematics we can see that the living room which is located in the top right of the house is designed to be as big and open as it’s possible. The usage of the angled sofas reflect the design decisions made on the room to look actually big and welcoming.The living room can be accessed from the main entrance, the back entrance and the kitchen. Considering the presence of the back entrance we can see that the garden area serves an important purpose in this house. It’s built ho have a great impact and lots of presence from on and from the people that are going to live there. Moving on to the kitchen we can see that the laundry area is thought to be isolated and hidden from the rest of the house to keep the dirty works out of the people and visitors eyes.

Moving on to the most beloved part of the house which is the outdoor area. Since it has a big presence in the house design it has enough possibilities and options to be decorated and made functional. The usage of some outdoor furniture could turn this place into an amazing one by providing an amazing ambient to be relaxed and to spend some calming times. It can even host grills and small parties for friends and family and if you have a considerable budged you can turn the place in the kids paradise. They always love playing outside and with the easy access and enough view from inside it could make the parents feel secure for their children. Having some ground lamps or in the worst case wall mounted ones could make the house and the outdoor area look amazing in the evenings.

  • Pow. Usable (m 2 ): (?)77.80
  • Pow. building area (m 2 ): (?)100,80
  • The cubic capacity (m 3 ): (?)311.40
  • Roof angle ( 0 ): (?)30,00
  • Building height (m): (?)5.90
  • Min. Width (m): (?)19,50
  • Min. Length of the plot (m):
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