Single Storey Kerala House Plan 97.5 s.q.m

Living in this modern era, it can be said that people are looking for houses that have unique and distinctive design. Most people are looking for multi stories houses whereas some are looking for small houses. Anyway, the popularity of single storey Kerala house plan is increasing day by day. People are actually giving importance to such a house design. When it comes to single storey Kerala house plan, you will definitely get the taste of uniqueness and fascinating design.

Keeping this point in mind, there are various architectural studios that are coming up with an alluring single story Kerala house plan. But, if you minutely see the scenario, you will realize that not all those designs can give desired outcomes. Yes, some of them might be attractive. Anyway, MyhomeMyzone has the solution for this. This platform offers a wide range of kitchen designs, interior designs, bathroom designs, and many more. The good thing is that this platform also covers the single story Kerala house plan. So, here, we have made a brief breakdown of this house plan. Therefore, you should not skip the below-mentioned points:

Basic Information About The Kerala House Plan

If you are looking for a single storey house for your family, this single storey Kerala house plan will be ideal for you. Yes, the ground floor of this house is designed in 97.5 square meter. This house has a living room, dining hall, staircase, kitchen and work area. Apart from these, you will have two bedrooms and among them, one bedroom will have an attached toilet. Moreover, there is a common bathroom. This is a budget Kerala house plan that will be built on a 1050 square feet area. This unique and distinctive design makes this house more approachable.

Stunning Front Set Up Of The Kerala House Plan

The front setup is really beautiful. If you minutely analyse the front design, you will realize that the house is paired with a beautiful hip-shaped roof. The roof has a very unique pattern and so, it will set a unique tone. Moreover, in the front, you will have an extended shade for the garage. The extended shade is curvy in design. These small things are making the front set up of this four bedrooms single storey house plan is very attractive.

The windows have a very unique design. Moreover, if you virtually observe the picture, you will see that there is enough area in the front yard. There is an open garage in the front yard area. The front extended shade is making this house more beautiful. You can clearly see the linear texture in the front of the house. This deep orange coloured texture is adding a new dimension to the design of the house.

Glossy Front Yard Floor

Well, the floor of the front yard is very glossy. The glossy is adding a beautiful tone to the overall design of this Kerala house plan. You can also have a beautiful garden in the front.

So, if you want to know more about this Kerala house plan, you can see the following images.

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