Single Storey House Plan Designed To Be Build In 148 Square Meters

This is a one storey house plan design with a floor area of 148 m².

This house plan consists of a floor area of 148 square meters. This is enough place to be comfortable for at least six people. This house plan has a really simple and enough structured house plan consisting of one Master Bedroom and two other Bedrooms. You can use it for the children or some guests or visitors, a really interesting place for the kitchen, living and dining room. It has even a room for the dirty kitchen and one small porch.

Alluring House Plan

You can design the house plan layout smartly and you can analyze it. We can see that you can divide it into three areas but made to look like big and connected at the same time.

The left side consists of two bedrooms smartly placed at the upper. And lower corner respectively to share a medium sized but fully fledged bathroom. Both of the two bedrooms have their own wardrobe and have two windows spaces too. It is a great commodity to have two windows to be able to see two different parts of the outdoor area. In this case the upper bedroom has one view of the garden. And one on the left side of the house. And the other bedroom has the left side of the house view combined with the front of the house at the other window.

Catching Plan For House

Moving on to the part that makes this house plan so special we can see the big and open area that is created. It gives a ton of possibilities through which you can rearrange. It gives enough room through which you can decorate in the most fascinating way. The open space starts from the entrance of the house to the kitchen. You can play with the colors of the design by creating a contrast between the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. Having an angled sofa creates even more room to decor and make the area feel even bigger.

Enchanting House Layout

The living room has the commodity of a large windows which allows not only natural light to come in. But provide a full view of the front of the house and ventilation for the whole room. You can access every place of the house with ease from the main entrance because of the simple and well designed layout. Another great addition that this house plan has to offer is a small room for the laundry area and dishwashers. It saves the eyes and ears of the people who live and visit the house from the noises made in that room. It is isolated from the rest of the house and put after the kitchen for easy access.

The most important part of the house plan is always the master bedroom which of course has the priority. This master bedroom not only has it’s own wardrobe. And a fully fledged bathroom but also gets to have the view in the front of the house and on the side. If the area in front of the house is well decorated. Than this room can have the best view in the house. This room is the not even the most spacious bedroom in the house. But the room with the most easy access in the house. It can be directly accessed from every corner of the house.

We hope that you would definitely execute the house plan to impress guests.


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    • Johnson
    • March 21, 2020

    Very beautiful house,

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