Small House Design With Lovely Interiors

People nowadays are giving importance to small house design. However, different people will have different tastes. But, the craziness for a small house design will never go down. This is why there are many studios that are coming up with fascinating small house designs. But, the fact is that not all these designs can give you the desired result. MyhomeMyzone knows this very well. This platform offers different types of interior designs. Here, this platform has come up with lovely interior setups for the small house designs. So, if you are interested, do not skip the following points:

Fascinating Front Of The Small House Design

The front design of this small house is very fascinating. Yes, you have got it right. If you see the roof, it has a very stylish hip-shaped roof with a very attractive texture over it. Moreover, the colour of the exterior wall is also very attractive. Yes, if you see the wall, it has a dual-tone. For the base area, you can see pink colour. On the other side, the upper part has a very light crème coloured tone. Virtually, you can see that there are outdoor plants that are enhancing the look of the house.

Small House Design Paired With A Beautiful Bathroom Set Up

Although it is a very small house, the design of the bathroom will not disappoint you. The floor has a very glossy tile and the wall is not an exception. You can see glossy white tiles on the wall. Apart from this, the bathroom cabinet has a green countertop and the ceiling has recessed lighting. Overall, the design is very attractive and fascinating. The shower section will also impress you. The wall has beautiful green tiles that is enhancing the look. Moreover, the circular recessed lighting setup is awesome.

Beautiful Kitchen Interior Set Up

The interior design of the kitchen of this small house design is very eye-catching. The dining table is very small in size and it has white coloured table countertop. Apart from this, there are cosy and modern chairs alongside the dining table. Moreover, if you see the fridge, it looks very stylish and there is a green coloured chandelier light in the centre of the kitchen. The ceiling has a grey tone and apart from this, it has a matt finish that is actually amplifying the look of the kitchen. If you see the kitchen cabinet, it is also fascinating. The colour of the countertop has a yellow tone and along with this, it has a very glossy finish.

Comfortable Bedroom Set Up For The Small House Design

Well, the bedroom is a very important part of any house and so, keeping the interior design of the bedroom is very important. There is a large king-size bed in the bedroom. Moreover, it has a white coloured comforter. If you see the floor, it has glossy tiles with floral texture over it.

So, these are some small house design ideas with lovely interiors. In order to know more about this, you can check the following images.

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