Small House Plan 112 s.q.m

Small house plan is something that people are actually looking for. If you see the present situation, you will get to know that the ecosystem of the house design has become very dynamic. Yes, there are many designers that are coming up with a wide range of designs. But, nowadays, people are giving importance to small house plan design. Yes, small houses have their own beauty. They look very beautiful if you pair them with a proper interior as well as exterior design. Anyway. MyhomeMyzone understands the need of modern people. This platform offers different types of kitchen designs, house plans, interior designs and many more. Here, in this article, we will specifically talk about the small house plan. So, do not skip the following points:

Basic Information Of This Small House Plan

This house plan consists of 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. Talking about the main entrance, it is actually elevated to at least 3 steps which are more or less 600 mm from the finish grade line. Moreover, the 3 bedrooms are also elevated from the main floor of the living room. This small house design consists of a stone veneer, aluminum window frames, ceramic tile floor and pre-painted long span roofing. This house design can be built in a lot having an area of at least 263 sq. m. or a lot having a dimension of 15.5 meters frontage by 17 meters in depth.

Stunning Front Design

Well, the house has a very stunning front design. Nowadays, if you analyse the present situation, you will understand that the front design is playing a very impactful role. Yes, the design of the roof of this house is very attractive. Talking about the colour, well, it has brown colour and virtually, you can see that there is a matt finish in the roof. It is actually making this small house plan very attractive. Apart from this, you can see rectangular-shaped glass windows. The placement of those windows is really stunning. Yes, they are looking really beautiful. Moreover, the pillars have dual-designs. In the bottom section, you can see marble tiles and the upper part has a slate-colored layer with a matt finish over it. The front corridor is also looking great. There is a hand railing that is giving this house a modern look.

Talking about the colour of the exterior wall, it is also looking attractive. Yes, the slate colour with a matt finish over it is actually enhancing the overall look of this small house. There is a separate section where you can store your car. This is completely an open garage and so, you can customise it as per your requirement.

Small House Plan Design Paired With A Garden In The Front

The front yard of this small house plan design is very spacious and therefore, you can decorate this area by planting beautiful outdoor plants. You can make your personal garden that will make the overall design of this small house plan enchanting.

So, if you want to know more about this small house plan, you can see the following images.

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