Some of The Best Interior Staircase Design Ideas [Examples]

Best Interior Staircase Design

A staircase is not a new thing for home interior design.

But, most people do not know that it has the capability to enhance the overall look of your house if it is paired with an attractive interior staircase design idea.

So, in this article, we have come up with some best interior staircase designs for you.

Straight Staircase With Racks Installed Under It

When it comes to a simple staircase for interior design, nothing can beat the simplicity of a straight staircase.

Yes, it is very easy to install and you can also attach handrails alongside it. If you want to bring a natural look, you can give a wooden finish over the stairs.

Because of the simple design of a straight staircase, you can make your house more spacious.

Yes, don’t be surprised; you can easily install multiple-tier racks beneath the straight stairs where you can keep your essential items and you can even use it as shoe racks.

Make Your Staircase Visually Appealing With Wooden L-shaped Stairs

L-shaped staircase is a kind of straight staircase but it has a turn and it can be anywhere- either in the beginning or in the middle.

Although it is very expensive to build an L-shaped staircase, they are very visually appealing and you can decorate it different types of materials.

One such material is wood which is a natural element and the best thing is that it does not catch dirt easily.

Well, you can give your interior staircase to design an attractive look by pairing the wooden L-shaped staircase with wooden handrails.

If we talk about the wall that will be there alongside the staircase, you can give it a pearl white texture which goes very well with a wooden staircase.

Moreover, you can use the area under the stairs as cabinets where you can keep shirts, wine bottles, and many more.

L-shaped Staircase With Steel Handrails

In order to bring a modern look in your interior design for the staircase, you can have an L-shaped staircase paired with steel handrails.

The steel handrails will give you a shiny look along with solidity and on the other side, you can use marble or wood for the stairs for creating a vibrant effect.

You can paint the wall with glossy white or grey with a matt finish over it. You can also decorate the wall with some mounting pots filled with small plants.

Wooden Staircase With Box-shaped Stairs

Storage management is very important when it comes to interior design for homes.

You can go with different types of design for making your home spacious but, we have a better idea where you can use your stairs for storing things.

Yes, a wooden staircase with box-shaped stairs can do the trick for you.

Inside the box-shapes stairs, you can keep your items and if we talk about the exterior part, you can give a glossy wooden texture over there.

You can also pair the wooden staircase with wooden handrails for making it cozy. So, if you want a unique interior staircase design, go with this idea.

So, these are some ideas and we hope that you would definitely like it.

Staircase design
Staircase design (Image Credit)
Wood stair
Wood stair (Image Credit)
Staircase inside living room ideas
Staircase inside living room ideas (Image Credit)
Glass staircase with storage
Glass staircase with storage (Image Credit)
Wine cellar design under stairs
Wine cellar design under stairs (Image Credit)
Interior staircase design for home
Interior staircase design for home (Image Credit)
Use the space under stairs
Use the space under stairs (Image Credit)
Town house design of stairs
Town house design of stairs (Image Credit)
Modern staircase design in Sri Lanka
Modern staircase design in Sri Lanka (Image Credit)
Unusual interior staircase design example
Unusual interior staircase design example (Image Credit)
TV under stairs design
TV under stairs design (Image Credit)
Living room and stairs
Living room and stairs (Image Credit)
Stairs (Image Credit)
Tiny house stairs
Tiny house stairs (Image Credit)
Staircase design idea for your home
Staircase design idea for your home (Image Credit)

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