Stunning Four-bedroom Double-storey Roof Deck House Plan

ou can never have enough place to live and be comfortable in your life, and today we are giving you the freedom of choosing one that has enough space for you and your loved ones. This house consists of four bedrooms, four toilets, two living room, a dining room and kitchen, a garage area, a small area for work and a terrace. This house is too big to even start counting the rooms. This house is enough for at lease eight people to live comfortably. 

Starting from the first floor we can see that it consists of :

One Master bedroom which is fully fledged with it’s own bathroom and wardrobe attached. The master bedroom is quite big and has a view of the front of the house and the left side o the outdoor area. The windows are big and provide naturaal light and ventilation for the bedroom.

The same we can say for the second bedroom of the house which is located just a little bit further of the master bedroom. This bedroom is fully fledged too and it has a bathroom and wardrobe attached just as the master bedroom. The thing that this bedroom missed is the view from the front of the area but has the view from the back and left side.

Moving on to the entrance of the house which immediately leads you to the living room which is designed to bee a pre-living room. It is fully functional as a living room and has all of the furniture. It is an open room and can contrast with the kitchen and dining room which both are located right next to the living room. 

The kitchen and dining room is widely open and can be really good decorated considering the openness that characterizes it. A great addition to the kitchen is the dirty kitchen area which can hide the dirty stuff and loud noises from the eyes and the ears of the people that are living in the house or the visitors.

The garage area is always welcomed considering the shortage of parking spaces every day. The parking area can keep a single car safe.

Going to the second floor :

A good chunk of the second floor is consumed by the open terrace which creates a really amazing place to spend time to be comfortable and relaxed. It has room to be decorated with different flowers. The place can even host grills for friends and family and can look amazing with some wall mounted lights.

Right after you climb the stairs aiming for the second floor you are going to see the family living room which is a little bit smaller than the living room on the first floor but a little bit more private only to be accessed from the two bedrooms of the second floor. The two bedrooms are the same as the first floor equipped each with it’s own bathroom and wardrobe. They both share the same view as the bedrooms in the first floor.

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