Stunning Three Bedroom Bungalow House Plan

In this post we are going to present a house which is designed to be low maintenance cost friendly and comfortable. It looks like it’s too good to be true but the bungalow style provides a cost friendly building materials, open spaces in the house, low maintenance and a really good interior and exterior look.

Taking a closer look at the construction image we can see that the house has three bedrooms which are strategically placed, one open spaced living room, the kitchen merged with the dining room, a porch area and two toilets.

Having three bedrooms is always welcomed considering the low budged and the small space that was provided. Two of them are placed next to each other which tells us that they either are kids rooms or one of them is intended for children and one for the guests. The one that is separated from the rest should be the master bedroom which has the same size as the rest of the bedrooms.

Thee kitchen is spacious and put in the same place as the dining room is more accessible. It has a large windows nearby which can provide enough natural light for the whole area, in addition there is a even larger window in front of the kitchen entrance from which you can see the outdoor area.

The house comes with two toilets placed in the left side of the dining room. Considering the small size of the house some corners had to be cut, and that is reflected on the toilets. 

The living room is spacious and can be accessed easily from every bedroom of the house. Having windows around can also provide a calming and relaxing view of the outdoor area. The best thing about the living room is the opportunity it gives for the future, considering there is space around it, it can be changed in the future if changes are necessary.

Having a small porch is always a good thing for the house. It is that single place where you can sometimes spend some time to relax. You can even decorate it with various decorative plants which could provide some cool style to your house. If this house has outdoor area it would be fantastic. That place would be beloved by the children or sometimes by the parents when they organize a grill with family and friends.

The outdoor area would be perfect if it’s lit by ground lamps which look extremely good in the dark and show what the outdoor decor of the house has to offer. The area can be decorated with small tress, decorative plants or flowers.

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Three Bedroom Blue Roof Bungalow House Plan Elegant Three Bedroom Bungalow House Plan


    • Mbuga Ismael
    • March 20, 2020

    Outstanding designs. Go ahead.

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