Three Bedroom Bungalow House Plan

  • Area : 73 SQ.M.
  • Bedrooms : 3
  • Bathrooms : 2
  • Garage : Optional

Dreaming to own a 3 bedroom bungalow House? The answer is here, the floor plan consists of 3 bedrooms and the basic parts of a complete house having 73 sq.m. floor area and can fit in a lot with at least 179 sq.m. if you want the house to be single detached. The requirement for setbacks to make the house single detached are, 2 meters on both sides, 2 meters on the rear and 3 meters at the front. It is also required that the minimum lot width would be 13 meters to fit the layout having both sides 2 meters from the boundary fence. Logically the length would be at least 13.6 meters. The roof design is so simple in which 2 roofs are leaning opposite to each other without using complicated steel trusses. Materials used for the roofing is long span galvanized iron roofing, pre-painted to last. Beneath is a steel structure made of steel purlins and steel angle bars consisting the roof trusses. Walls are 6″ concrete hollow blocks for the exterior, painted cement plastered finish and interior walls are 4″ concrete hollow blocks. Accent wall composed of bricks or crazy-cut stones area present in the porch area. Doors are would panel doors and windows area aluminum sliding window with 6 mm clear or tinted glass as an option. Flooring mainly finished with ceramic tiles.


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