Three Bedroom House Plan 120 s.q.m

The deluxe 3 bedroom house plan offers high quality space for those who require the space of a three bedroom plan with the luxury of space for the owners of the home. It is a great option for any home owner interested in providing sufficient space for a medium sized family, with generous common spaces and sufficient amenities for members of the household. With a plinth area of 120 square meters ( 1290 sq. ft.), this design sits on an area with overall dimensions of just 11 meters by 11.6 meters ( 36 x 38 feet) and hence will fit very well on any eighth acre property. Its compact footprint also allows for the creation of generous lawn space at the front and the back of the house, depending on where you would like to locate the house on your plot. It allows for a rear exit from the master bedroom to enjoy a patio at the rear of the home. The fireplace too will make for a comfortable living area.

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