Three Bedroom Multi-Level House Plan

This multi-stage house plan has three bedrooms, 2 rest rooms and bath, garage, rest room and a dining room and kitchen. The entire space area consists of 115 square meters not calculated with the addition of the basement parking area and footprint size of 12. 50 meters width and 10. 70 meters depth.

Taking a closer look in the schematics tells us that this three level house plan consists of three bedrooms which are perfectly places to get the view from the three sides of this house. Two bedrooms lay in the higher part of the house and one at the lowest. The entrance is designed to be at the middle part of the house and dividing one bedroom and toilet with the rest of the house. This tells us that this is the master bedroom. Directly in the front of the living room lays the kitchen which can be accessed from the living room and one entrance from the back of the house. 

On the left side lays the upper part of the house. It is strategically placed like that to create a place for a garage under the floor and to break the straight line by making the house look like a multi level one. The garage has enough space to hold a car and why not to store some stuff or tools. The garage is mostly open and can be naturally lit during the day and with the help of some wall mounted lights during the night. The left side of the house consists of two bedrooms which share one small toilet. This is a really simple yet smart decision of the architects.

The whole house consists of lots of open windows which provide a natural light and have a great view of the outdoor area. The kitchen has the main access to the outdoor area and its well lit by the windows that are strategically placed to provide a nice view of the garden area and to get the natural light of the sun. It is a fully fledged kitchen with the space to hold all the appliances necessary to cook for at least 6 people.

Taking into consideration that we have an entrance in the kitchen tells us that the house plan comes with a small garden at the back. The garden can be decorated with different decorative plants, small trees and flowers which would provide a very calming and relaxing feel. By using some outdoor furniture we can easily turned into a dining outdoor area which can easily incorporate a grill and why not a minibar. The outdoor area can be mostly lit by wall mounted small lights and can create a rally beautiful scene in the evenings or during the sunset. Some RGB lights can also be placed at the upper side of the house which being combined with the outdoor lights can make it look amazing .

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