White Kitchen Modern Designs with Unique Look

You might be surprised to know that white color can make the normal interior design of your kitchen an attractive one.

White reflects freshness and purity and therefore, you will always have an energetic feeling whenever you enter into your kitchen.

White kitchen interior design has become very common nowadays because of its endless advantages.

But, if you want to give your white kitchen a unique look, you can go with the following white kitchen interior design ideas.

Partial Hardwood Beam Ceiling

Well, the hardwood beam ceiling is a kind of contemporary and rustic style that is also considered as a traditional beam style.

In such a scenario, the beams that bear the load are exposed inside the house.

Believe it or not, it creates a rich contrast and interesting depth to the ceiling.

But, in the case of white kitchen interior design, we will recommend you to do a whole hardwood beam ceiling.

You can make it over the dining area from where you can hang some pendant lights to create an elegant effect in the kitchen.

You can cover the rest of the ceiling with glossy white color to give it a dynamic look.

A White Crème Tray Ceiling Over The Cooking Area

One of the most popular ceiling designs for the kitchen is the tray ceiling. Pair the ceiling over the cooking area with tray ceiling design to give it a different as well as a unique look.

Tray ceiling design basically comes in a rectangular shape and it is very easy to give it different textures and layouts.

The cooking area needs different setup and with the help of a tray ceiling, you can do it very conveniently.

Yes, you can install kitchen chimney and hanging focus lights from there.

Paint that area with white crème color and if we talk about the rest of the kitchen, you can cover it with glossy pearl white color.

Kitchen Cabinets In Ceramic White

If you want an impressive white kitchen interior design, you must go with this particular color.

You can have a ceramic white dining set or you can go with ceramic white kitchen cabinets.

The best part of this color is that it can reflect the light from its glossy surface and therefore, you will visualize an unforgettable lighting effect in your kitchen.

Your kitchen will always infuse your mind with a positive feeling whenever you enter into the kitchen.

Equip Your Kitchen With Recessed Lighting And Hanging Focus Lights

Recessed lighting should never be considered as the main source of lighting in your kitchen interior design.

Clubbed with a white ceiling, recessed lighting can create a soft ambiance in your kitchen and it can also express the sense of style that you have.

But, your cooking area must be brightened so that you can prepare delicious dishes without any problem.

This is why we will recommend installing some hanging focus lights or pendant lights over the cooking area that will not only make the kitchen area brighten but also give your kitchen a chic look.

So, these are some ideas and we hope that you would definitely try these at your home.

Modern white kitchen designs
Modern white kitchen designs (Image Credits)
Modern kitchen for luxurious house
Modern kitchen for luxurious house (Image Credit)
Gathering table in white kitchen
Gathering table in white kitchen (Image Credit)
Modern kitchen with cabinets
Modern kitchen with cabinets (Image Credit)

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