Wow Exterior House Design With Interiors In Art Deco Style

This House is an amazing concept consisting of two floors, garage and a small outdoor area. The thing that makes this house amazing is the amazing exterior design consisting of dark brown color mixed with creme color. The presence of wall partly build with stones gives a very nice touch to the overall look of the house. The decorated columns and the arches also add to the beauty of this building. The outdoor lighting plays a very big role. The small lights installed under the main columns reveals the attention to detail of the designers and architects. Having decorative plants and different kind of flowers.

The second floor has a really welcoming addition of the balcony. It can be accessed from minimally two rooms and with the presence of some outdoor sofas it can be the most comfortable and relaxing place of the house. It is all the way open and you can see most of the right side of the porch and a little bit of the front.

The stairs that connect the ground and the the first floor are decorated in an amazing way by the designers. It looks amazing from the inside and out and uses a classic type of a closed wooden arched window. It doesn’t only serve a purpose to look beautiful but provides enough natural light.

The interior looks amazing too as we can see from the photo gallery. The colors used in the interior design contrast in an amazing way with each other. The master bedroom is crafted in the most amazing way. The pattern wallpaper mixed with the white color create a really beautiful contrast that reflects the attention to detail of the designer. The chandelier looking flower type of lam looks AMAZING. The room is designed to look kind of messy and disoriented.

The living room also reflects the design style of the rest of the house. It is designed to look open. The openness is enhanced by the presence of the angled sofa. The black and white contrast is also reflected on the curtains and the lamp style which looks disorienting. Made to conserve a little bit of space or to put to good use extra space is the decision to merge together the living room and the dining room which lets the kitchen separated. The attention to detail in this project is amazing as you can see it in the lamps over the dining table which itself is decorated following the contrast of black and white with black vases and white fine table cover.

This house is well lit by a large number of windows distributed in the whole part of the house . The windows not only serve the purpose of looking good but also are strategically placed to provide natural sunlight to every corner of this house. There are also inside wall cutouts that only serve a purpose of decor. Different flowers or vases can be put there to enhance the beauty of the place.

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